Article Writing a Game for KDE4

I am writing PHP / Web Applications for about 8 years now, but I am not so much the pro in writing desktop applications. I know little or no C/C++/Java, but want to change that soon. Since I use KDE for both my desktop and laptop it seems reasonable to write a KDE 4 application.

What about ideas? I wanted to write a game for so long and in the last years my girlfriend and I tried lots of 2 person player games. One of them I wanted to re-create as a computer game.

The possibilities are:

All 3 games are time intensive and very strategic. Moruba can be played for lots of hours (My gf and I played one game for about 5-6 hours). Its probably more easy to write algorithms for the computer player of Oware or Moruba than for Amazons, but that should not affect my decision. I will decide in the next weeks, but I should probably concentrate on my semesters final exams in the first place.

Update: Moruba seems to have different rules than the game we are playing. I will elaborate on that soon.

Published: 2008-01-27 Tags: #KDE4