Commented 29.03.2024 20:45

tempest/highlight with Twig and Symfony

Brendt just released tempest/highlight for server-side code highlighting and this post covers my journey integrating it into a Symfony + Twig stack through the "markdown_to_html" filter with League/Commonmark integration.
Commented 16.03.2024 22:29

A Stimulus Controller for the Bulma Navbar Component

Recently I migrated this blog away from Tailwind to Bulma CSS framework, which uses a more semantical approach to CSS classes. In this post I show my implementation of a Stimulus controller for the Bulma Navbar component, to integrate with this blog use of Symfony UX and Stimulus Bridge.
Commented 10.03.2024 15:21
Commented 10.03.2024 15:19
Commented 10.03.2024 15:03

Fix for mixed PHP+Node app build failures on DigitalOcean App Platform

I am using DigitalOcean App platform for a few of my side- and demo-projects and as side projects do, they don't get deployed often. When I wanted to deploy a new version of this blog, the build failed on DigitalOcean App platform during the deploy step with this error: vendor/bin/heroku-php-nginx: No such file or directory
Commented 24.01.2023 10:05
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Commented 11.03.2021 21:53

Running Shopware Platform tests on a Linux Dev-Machine

Participating in the Shopware Boost Day #4 today I tried the most simple approach to get it running on a Linux developer machine, avoiding the Docker setup.
Commented 26.02.2021 21:53

Free Software, Not Free Support: My Reply Template

Over the last weeks I have seen a few people tweet or write about the burden of open-source maintainership or being a public person in a programming community.
Commented 19.02.2021 21:53

When to use empty in PHP? I'd say never

This article contains a list of alternatives to use instead of empty expression.
Commented 05.07.2020 21:53

What to look out for testing PHP8 JIT

PHP 8 is coming with a Just In Time Compiler (JIT) and people are starting to test it in more detail.
Commented 09.02.2020 21:53

Firegento Hackathon Mainz 2020

This weekend I attended the the Firegento Hackathon at Netz98 offices in Mainz. This post is a short summary of the work I did this weekend.