Article Using Zend_Http_Client to Ping Technorati

Send a ping to Technorati manually is a pain in the ass. Writing a little Method that handles this functionality for your own blog software is quite easy. Call the following method after you created or updated a post of yours:

private function _pingTechnorati()
    $xml = $this->view->render('ping_technorati.phtml');
    $httpclient = new Zend_Http_Client('');
            $httpclient->setHeaders('User-Agent', 'PHP/Zend Framework/Zend_Http');
    $httpclient->setRawData($xml, 'text/xml')->request('POST');
    $response = $httpclient->request();
    if($response->isSuccessful() === true) {
        return true;   
    } else {
        return false;   

You also need a little view in XML format like it is described in the Technorati Ping Configuration Guide and ready to go you are!

Published: 2008-05-17 Tags: #ZendFramework