Article Update on Unittest and Metrics Tool

Some days ago i posted about the PHP Unittest and Metrics Aggregator tool that i have written on (and which I have dubbed PUMA). Discussing it with people I came to the conclusion that the approach using ezcMvcTools is quite problematic that it forces to use this application, although the reporting and the application are quite separate. This is not against ezcMvcTools: I love it, its just the wrong type of support.

I began to split up the aggregator into some sort of importing-exporting tool. You can specify library-, test- and output-directory of your application and it will use the tools at hand (PHPUnit, PDepend and CodeSniffer currently) to generate their XML formatted reports. It then parses those XML outputted files and combines their result to give a consistent view on your application.

The Import-To-Output generator uses a three-step approach. An importer emits signals to report observers, which will then hand over their collected data to specific html pages that are then generated to the disc. This is a very flexible approach that allows anyone to extend and re-use the tool to generate project metrics, unittest overview and other interesting details on your application.

Have a look at the tool on Github and play with it. I would really like to hear your thoughts.

Published: 2009-02-13 Tags: #PUMA #Testing #Metrics