Article Speaking about Framework Quality on the IPC Spring 09

Just a short notice, my thesis is taking its last breath, I will be speaking on the IPC Spring 09 conference in Berlin end of may this year on Framework Quality and Unittests:

Framework Quality: Unit-Tests as silent witness
Unit-Tests are often overlooked in framework discussions that focus

on features, performance, tools or database abstraction. However they are a silent witness on how poor or well frameworks are designed. In this presentation we will look at the testsuites of the big players in the PHP framework business - Zend Framework, ezComponents, Symfony and CakePHP - and reveal their hidden secrets.

This talk will make heavy use of the PHP Unittest and Metrics Aggregator tool, which i haven written on several times. For both CakePHP and Symfony extensions for their testtools may have to be written.

I am really excited for my first time being speaker on a conference and looking forward to see you at IPC.

Published: 2009-03-10 Tags: #Conferences