Article Seven Things

I have been tagged by Freeaqingme and the blog letter machinery. So read on for seven things you probably may not know about me.

  • I will get my degree in some weeks, currently intensively writting on my thesis. My major is economics though. I probably won't get a job with that sooner or later. I actually don't want to, I have a job as programmer already.
  • One christmas many years ago (Pentium PCs to 200Mhz were the coolest thing around) i wished and wished for a computer for playing Command and Conquer and stuff. What i got was a 3/86 i could only run crap with. So i had to start programming.
  • In 11th grade (7 years ago) I took part in the german computer science olympics (exercise still online) using PHP and writing thousands of lines of nested aray and for loop code and print the solution to the browser. No need to say I utterly failed, because I didn't know a bit about algorithms, pointers and objects at all.
  • I have only learned about what good programming practices are (OO, functional, whatever) really means in the last two years, spending almost every free minute of those many i had on projects to test around with patterns and programming styles.
  • I went to my first conference last year september, the IPC in Mainz, getting to know lots of great people in the community.
  • I don't have a license at all (Reference to Sara). I am afraid of driving cars, although I drive my bike through the biggest crossroads in town like nuts.
  • I am a timeline oriented reader, having made me masterplans to read both all the Discworld and Ian Rankin novels in the correct order to not miss a single reference.

Its sad that everyone I would want to tag was already tagged by someone else, still for the head count:

  • Matthew Weierophinney, because he helped me understand Zend Framework alot.
  • Ben Scholzen, because he is a fun guy to be around
  • Thomas Weidner, because I like his dedication towards his ZF components.
  • Kore Nordmann, Bastian Feder and Thomas Weinert, because I had great discussions with him on IPC.
  • zomg aka Jani because of his skills to be referenced by (joke) and the good IRC discussions.
  • Petr Pisl because of the awesome NetBeans PHP support.
Published: 2009-01-07 Tags: #InternetMemes