Article On Frameworks and Javascript Coupling

Zend announced they work together with the Dojo Team to integrate Javascript support into the Zend Framework. What this actually means is that you can write your Javascript Code in PHP if you're javascript library of choice is Dojo.

Since Dojo is not my library of choice I would have to write a JQuery View Helper on my own or wait until somebody else releases one.

But why not write javascript? Its very easy with all those libraries and addresses most cross browser incompatibilities: One Django, one Zend Framework developer argue framework and javascript coupling is not the way to go based on the arguments that its breaks the MVC pattern, leads to function calls equal to those in javascript in its framework respective language, and that javascript is actually something any good webdeveloper should be able to program, even when its just using library components.

Using JQuery without any help from tools for about a year now I can say there are still those days where javascript drives me mad, but most of the time I its working perfect. Since Ajax related calls like GET, POST, and FORM stuff are oneliners I don't see why one would need tighter integration of JS and frameworks.

Larger Javascript components like Popup Calendars, Autocomplete and the like are harder to integrate than in Rails or cakePHP, but thinking about the problem a little longer leads to powerful reusable solutions, that save time on integration after the first initial setup.

Published: 2008-06-21 Tags: #ZendFramework #Javascript