Article My recent ZF ongoings: JQuery, Action Controller, CouchDb

In the last weeks lots of stuff came up for me regarding the Zend Framework. My jQuery component is finished, i have even committed the documentation into the SVN already. Do read it you have to be either an XML fetishist or compile it using a docbook compiler. Lots of questions about ZF and jQuery come up regularly on the mailing lists so I really look forward for the first ZF 1.7 release candidate which will include the helpers for a broader audience. This component comes at a good point, since a few days ago the jQuery team announced a deal with Microsoft and Nokia. Microsoft will include jQuery as the framework to go into its Webbased ASP.Net applications and Nokia will include the library in their mobile phones.

Additionally i reported an important issue (ZF-4385) that offers a patch to create an interface of the Action Controller and therefore allows everyone to implement their own action controller classes. May it be lightweight implementations or like my current use-case webservice only controllers that route all their actions through soap, xml-rpc or a rest server. I would really appreciate if more people would vote +1 on this issue to get it included in 1.7

In the last weeks i also played around with CouchDb, a document based database. Its the perfect storage medium for blogs, wikis or other knowledge-based applications and comes with a lightweight and easy REST Api for ClientSide access. Within the Zym project i managed to implement a prototype that is based on Jurrien's prototype for a CouchDb client. Matthew of Zend Fame published a proposal for a Zend Couch component yesterday and we teamed up to implement two prototypes (mine is based on Matthews and integrates lots of stuff of the Zym component).

Published: 2008-10-01 Tags: #ZendFramework #CouchDB