Article FrOSCon 2012

This years Free and Open Source Conference (FrOSCon) took place this weekend in Bonn, St. Augustin. Because I live in Bonn, visiting the conference is a given for very many years now. This year I also did a talk on "Architecture Design Patterns" with Gordon so there was an incentive to show up besides meeting friends, all the Club Mate and good open source coffee.

The most interesting topic in this years conference for me has been the Graylog2 talk by Lennart Koopmann. Graylog is a logging server that uses Elastic Search for persistence and searching. It is sponsored by Xing, a pretty big german based Linkedin clone.

The talk The State of PHPUnit by Volker was interesting to see all the new stuff in PHPUnit 3.7 and that it fixes a bunch of annoyances that I stumbled on myself. I actually realized that they are so deeply rooted in my brain already, that
they constitute features for me, not something that could actually be optimized. Well done to Volker and Sebastian to the new version.

Igors talk about building an HTTP server in PHP was interesting to see the stream/socket server APIs of PHP at work. Ever since I took part in the SoCraTes 2012 Conference Maexchen UDP Bot challenge I think network programming is an interesting topic for learning about languages and programming itself.

Volker did a second talk on sunday about Clean Code that was both entertaining and interesting. He was reminding the audience that shipping the code is what actually creates the value in our profession. Hence clean code is not about the beauty of code itself, but its ability to be shippable, changeable and adaptable to the business.

Again FrOSCon 2012 was awesome. Thank you very much especially to all the volunteers that organized this event. It really good event to bring together people from many different open-source communities and I already look forward to the next FrOSCon 2013.

Published: 2012-08-26 Tags: #Conferences