Article Blog Refactorings with Symfony2, Doctrine 2 and Zeta Components

I have been playing around with Symfony 2 quite a lot lately and have rewritten this blog using Symfony 2, Doctrine 2 and Zeta Components. You can go over to Github and find its project page.

Since I have found Sphinx I am pretty impressed with Restructured Text and have now integrated that as writing language into my backend. Using Zeta Components excellent Document component I transform the written ReST to XHTML. I hooked into the Document rendering and it now supports using the Sphinx directive ".. code-block:: <language>" and runs the subsequent code through Geshi for highlighting. For example:

echo "hello world with ReST and Zeta Components!";

Using the jQuery Plugin Tabby and MarkitUp with a ReST extension I can also write more conveniently now. Also to battle spam I have moved the comment system to Disqus.

My next plans for the blog bundle are:

  • WebDav support for authoring. All articles will be named "slug.inputformat", for example "blog-refactorings-with-symfony2-doctrine2-zetacomponents.rst". For this I plan to write a custom backend for ezcWebdav.
  • Making the Bundle simpler to re-use by others.
  • More jQuery love to the backend.
  • Trigger some events in the blog post cycle and hook a twitter + facebook notification for new posts in there.

Btw: This blog post is really just a bad excuse for me to test the ReST Editor in the backend. I hope you still enjoyed it ;)

Published: 2010-12-07 Tags: #ThisBlog