Article 2013 and 2014

This year was amazing with my new job, various talks on conferences and also for this blog. A total of 15 new posts attracted more than 30.000 unique visitors. Most amazing was all the positive feedback that I got at SymfonyCon in Warsaw with regard to my posts and the projects I have been working on in 2013. Thank you all very much for reading and discussing with me. It has been a very insightful year for me!

The three most viewed posts have been on Symfony with Vagrant (5470), Traits (4450) and Doctrine Repositories (3850).

I am always interested in end of the year reading lists to give me an idea what I might want to read the next year. This years reading list of Matthias Meyer of TravisCI provides many ideas for my next years reading list. My own sad list contains only one technical book that I have read this year, but I think you will appreciate the hint if you havent seen this before: Implementing Domain-Driven Design by Vaughn Vernon. That book has influenced many of my blog posts, discussions and experiments this year and you will see effects of it in 2014 as well.

For 2014 I want to keep up the pace of blogging and complement all those ideas with a sample Symfony application that I want to write. The idea for this project spawned from discussions with readers at various events, mostly at the SymfonyCon in Warsaw. My initial plans were to write an ebook on this issue, but various attempts throughout 2013 ended with motivation failures. This is one reason why I have explicitly put the item "Do NOT write a book" in my 2014 todo list.

Most of my blog posts on architecture are very general and even with the practical Symfony and Doctrine posts it is complicated to see the benefits without a good open source sample. That is why I want to write one and discuss the development on this blog.

To support this effort I would be very grateful if you consider supporting me with a regular Gittip donation. Gittip is a fairly new service that allows you to make very small microdonations to others on a weekly basis.

There is also a roadmap of ideas in my mind for 2014 blog posts, specifically about:

  • Doctrine and Domain-Driven Design
  • Hexagonal Architecture
  • Domain Events

I hope to see you again in 2014 and am very eager for the learnings and discussions that the new year will bring.

Published: 2013-12-31 Tags: #Retrospection