Article jQuery Helper - What is to include?

I took some time in the last days to develop the concept for a possible jQuery View Helper that could pass the integration into the ZF Core. Since jQuery is organized somewhat different than Dojo is, its possible implementation for ZF will differ.

The jQuery Helper itself will manage inclusion of jQuery javascript files and the base library, much like the Dojo component works (Using the Google CDN). On top of this simple Helpers should mimic $.get, $.post, $.load and $.getJSON in a simple way, so that with a simple function call you can generate an XmlHttpRequest that updates a specified part of the DOM (via injection). (See: CakePHP Ajax)

Problematic are the next ideas: Additional Helpers will allow to specify the jQuery UI Library components (DatePicker, Sortables, Draggable, Dropable..), jQuery Autocomplete or jQuery Form (AjaxForm and AjaxSubmit). These libraries need additional javascript content to be downloaded and implemented in the Zend Framework project. There currently exists no way to implement them using a CDN. Therefore any documentation must clearly specify which additional content has to be installed and how. The helpers will have to be general enough to support this.

My proposal is currently in the workings and will be on the ZF Wiki in the next couple of hours.

Published: 2008-07-14 Tags: #ZendFramework #jQuery